Master Marine was established in 1984 by Larry Carpenter, an avid sportsman, fisherman and boat enthusiast. Born and raised in Washington, but leaving to run two businesses in Colorado, he was looking to move back home to the Mount Vernon area. He decided to start his own business in logging and agriculture and ‘fell in’ to the world of boats. The name Master Marine was born from a desire for a catchy name that would stick in people’s heads and the naval term ‘Master’ which is a rank responsible for the navigation of a vessel. He had a knack for knowing what fishermen wanted and found the means to not only enjoy fishing himself, but to help others take advantage of the boating lifestyle. Before too long Master Marine was known as The Fisherman's Super Store.  


While selling Wellcraft fishing boats, the brand created a sport boat, but dealers were not allowed to carry both kinds at the same location. Larry decided to hedge his bets and branch off to the sport boat market opening Checkered Flag Marine in 1990. They quickly grew their inventory with a variety of ski and multi-purpose boats. Both companies were well-known by locals and many out of state buyers across the Continental US and especially Alaska. 


Larry successfully ran the company for 33 years while also serving on the WA Fish and Wildlife Commission for 11, before retiring and passing ownership to the current owners who have deep roots in the recreational boating industry. 

Present Day

Master Marine Boat Center continues to carry on the legacy that Larry started by providing quality products and exceptional service to their customers, in an all-new facility that encompasses boat types ranging from fishing to skiing and wakeboarding to pontoons and other recreational boats. Over the decades generations have been coming to Master Marine to fill their boating needs. We truly do believe there is a boat for everyone.